ANBL Safe Ride

Please enjoy responsibly

How it works

Thanks to a generous grant from ANBL we are excited to offer a safe ride service for 2024.

Campground Express

Howdy, Campers! Our Campground Express route will run from 7:30pm to 1am to get you to and from your campground for the night.

ANBL Local Line & DD Express

A shuttle bus will run from 10pm – 3am from our venue to various stops in the region, including accommodations and campgrounds.

What does it cost?

Safe Ride is free to both Sussex SummerFEST and Rotary Brewfest ticketholders.

ANBL Safe Ride

Safe Ride Routes

All aboard!

🟥 ANBL Local Line

  1. SummerFEST (PLPSC)
  2. All Seasons Inn & Restaurant
  3. Sussex Corner Elementary School
  4. Brookview Mobile Home Community
  5. East Coast Mobile Home Park
  6. Cougle Road
  7. Sussex Middle School
  8. Back to SummerFEST (PLPSC)
  9. Main Street
  10. Amsterdam Inn & Suites
  11. Back to SummerFEST (PLPSC)

🟦 Campground Express

  1. SummerFEST (PLPSC)
  2. Sussex KOA Campground
  3. Pine Cone Campground
  4. Three Bears Family Camping
  5. Back to SummerFEST (PLPSC)

🟨 DD Express

  1. SummerFEST (PLPSC)
  2. JJ’s Diner
  3. Riverview Dr E
  4. Norton Community Parking
  5. Back to SummerFEST (PLPSC)